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When I was a child, I used to spend hours outside playing- looking for ladybugs. It wasn't however until I stopped looking and usually fell asleep on a blanket amongst the blades of grass, that I would wake up and see ladybugs everywhere.

I wasn't looking for love, I didn't want or need anyone in my life. It was only when I stopped looking, that my husband found me- he is my ladybug. Our company is founded on our love and his support. He is my inspiration, my muse, and if I can spread some of our magic to others...than let there be Ladybugs!

Ladybugs Event Planning is a family-owned and operated business right here in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area . Since our company opened its doors in 2007, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch and a worldly vision. Though Ladybugs Event Planning was born in Seoul, Korea this Iowan has come HOME TO THE HEARTLAND to raise her and watch her grow.

With over 15 years in 3 different countries in the Event Planning business, whatever your event or party planning need, let Ladybugs Event Planning be your one stop shop for wedding decor and more! Have your day, YOUR WAY!

Creating Magical Moments That Last a Lifetime- Ladybugs Event Planning

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