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Photo booth Packages

UE is taking your photo booth experience to a new level!

A great photo booth can enhance any event! We have partnered with our good friends at Smiling Dog Entertainment. They have been in the photo booth business for over 10 years and offer a HUGE variety to choose from.

Photo booths have come a LONG way from the old school "pop up tent" with a camera and a printer. We have so many different options for you - all staffed with fully trained hosts working in coordination with your UE DJ!

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Click the button below to contact us so we can get full details on your event and provide you with a full quote. We'll provide pricing based on what works best for you and your event.

Exceptional Wedding Photo Booth Experiences

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Sophisticated Experience Photo Booth Package

Our Most Popular Wedding Photo Booth Experience includes:

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Premium Experience Photo Booth Package

For a photo booth experience as unique as your reception we recommend the Premium Experience Photo Booth Package.

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Classic Plus Experience Photo Booth Package

Fun, smiles, laughter, and love are delivered via personalized printed photo strips and digital copies of the photo strip, individual photos, and an Animated GIF with the Classic Plus Package. Guests leave with a keepsake of your special day and the ability to share their photo booth images with family and friends through text messages, email and posts to social media.

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The Ultimate Luxurious Experience Photo Booth Package

The Luxurious Wedding Photo Booth Experience offers an “over the top” photo booth experience that neither you nor your guests will soon forget.

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The EGO - Digital Roaming Photo Booth Experience

The Ego is a handheld, digital, roaming photo booth experience capturing candid moments at events such as wedding receptions, graduation parties, birthday parties and other special events. Great for intimate events or in place of disposable or polaroid cameras, the EGO allows guests to capture individual photos, animated GIFs, and burst GIFs and share them instantly via email. Images can also be uploaded to a live online gallery for everyone at the party to see.

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Digital Drop-Off Photo Booth Experience

The Digital Drop-Off Photo Booth is a flexible photo booth experience option creating digital images deliverable to guests via email, text, upload to social media, and file downloading. Digital Drop-Off Booth setups range from simple (just the kiosk with camera/lighting) to complete (kiosk, props, and professional backdrops). Images from the Digital Drop-Off Booth are uploaded to a live gallery for everyone at the event to see and for guests to share.

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360 Degree Video Experience

Invite two or three of your friends to join you on the platform and show off your best moves while the camera rotates around you capturing the experience from every angle. Let your personality shine through for everyone to see!

The end result is an 15 second curated video showing you and your friends having the time of your lives.

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Classic Photo Booth Experience

The Classic Plus Experience Photo Booth Package gives guests the best of both worlds – professional, customized printed photo strips and a live online gallery of digital image files to download, upload, and share! The online gallery includes digital copies of the printed photo strip, individual photos in a customized photo template, and boomerang animated GIFs created from the images captured in the photo booth session.

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Plush Wedding Photo Booth Experience

Elevate your wedding reception photo booth experience to deliver even more fun, smiles, laughter, and love with our Plush Wedding Experience Photo Booth Package.

Among other amenities, the Plush Wedding Experience Photo Booth Package includes a premium memory album, our red carpet package, and our lighted LOVE letters.

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Slow Motion Video Experience

Using bright and fun props, including – where/when allowed – confetti, bubbles, and silly string and playful movements and expressions from guests, the Slow Motion Video Experience is a high-energy experience that creates a FUN and candid 40 second video from a 4 second recorded video clip.

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Six Station "Selfie Tour" Photo Booth Experience

This unique photo booth experience consists of six uniquely themed “stations” five of which allow guests to capture a selfie (or group photo) on their own phone or iPad and one final station where guest’s photos will be captured using one of our photo booth kiosks.

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SADIE - The Glamper Photo Booth Experience

SADIE – The Glamper Photo Booth from Smiling Dog Entertainment. SADIE is a well-groomed and smartly styled 1968 Shasta Airflyte Camper outfitted with professional camera equipment and lighting to capture incredible high-quality photos in a one-of-a kind vintage setting! SADIE has a flair for fashion, a sense for style – you should see her amazing and unique prop selection – and chic exterior decor that can be customized to match your business or event theme.

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